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Fashion never stops moving forwards. That’s why Smoky Trends is driven by a need to break the mold, rip up the rulebook, and bring you designs that blend the classic with the contemporary, the urban with the elegant, and the unexpected with the sophisticated.

From the very beginning, we’ve looked to create and bring womenswear for those seeking to stand out from the crowd and define their own, unique, and unforgettable style. We believe in giving modern women the assuredness and confidence to step out, turn heads, and cut their own paths through the jungle of the city.

Smoky trends is many things. It’s a mission statement, a new wave of street style, and a mark of distinction all at once. Above all, though, it’s the result of us combining the different aspects of 21st-century femininity, and using this as the foundation for a stunning array of unique, beautiful and eye-catching womenswear. We celebrate fierceness and elegance strength. We bring inner beauty to the surface. We make clothes that express the power of the modern woman, and we do so with a vibrancy, sensuality, and flair that is entirely our own.

Inspired by the ever-changing city of Dubai, and informed by the non-stop world of global fashion, Smoky Trends dares to go against the grain to bring you its range of eclectic and classic clothing. Whether you’re looking for striking evening dresses, fashion-forward streetwear, beautifully made swimwear or anything in between, we guarantee quality and exceptional value every time. We know your style never stops evolving… that’s why we never settle for anything but the best.


Smoky Trends,

Bringing inner beauty to the surface…